Gamers can now travel Mars in Cybertrucks modeled after Teslas. This is how


Gamers can now travel to Mars in Cybertrucks modelled after Teslas. This is how Mars, the travel Mars in Cybertruck’s fourth planet from the Sun, was previously a terrain exclusively accessible to scientists. The red world is now accessible to the general public thanks to a topographically realistic game. There are now two new rovers that can only be used in the Web3 game Mars4, which lets players explore the surface of Mars. Tesla’s Cybertrucks inspired them.

Mars has captivated space enthusiasts for many years. The NASA Perseverance rover has captured pictures of an uncommon meteorological event called a dust devil. This rover regularly provides information about life some 140 million miles away.

So many questions remain unsolved. When did life first appear on this planet? Were there formerly favourable conditions for certain species to flourish? What obstacles prevent both humans and robots from exploring?

Technological transformations as virtual reality (VR)

Understanding Mars has traditionally been a chance available exclusively to scientists. But significant technology advancements, like virtual reality (VR), now allow ordinary people to experience a world that is so unlike their own up close and personal.

Creating thorough 3D topographical maps of Mars is now possible thanks to NASA data. This geography has now been made into a game where players may interact in a realistic Martian landscape and compete to survive.

A tangible experience

Unreal Engine 5.1, a gaming engine created by Epic Games, was used to create the AAA 3D title Mars4. Each plot of land each player can control on the red planet offers a different ecosystem. More than 60,000 plots have reportedly already been sold, according to this play-to-earn game.

The title’s simple objectives are to explore, expand your land, build dream structures, collect resources, start a colony, and generate revenue. Even if the environment is harsh and dangerous, making a complete habitat raises the chances of survival, and any materials found can be shared with other explorers.

Phobos X and Deimos X in-game

These new rovers, Phobos X and Deimos X were made to look like Tesla Cybertrucks but have more features. Both are hard to get and are only available for a short time, so players will likely fight hard for these in-game items. This is a suitable homage, according to Mars4, given how the maker of electric vehicles inspired the initiative.

That’s not all, either. Bullionaire, a mechanical pet, has also been introduced, offering colonists assistance and more storage capacity. Players can adorn their residences with a few cosy touches thanks to a new decoration set.

So much to see

Mars4 claims to provide something for everyone. At the same time, other games struggle with constrained levels—a lack of space to explore and unrelatable narratives. Now, daring explorers who travel to Mars in Cybertrucks can create a brand-new world from scratch, explore uncharted territory, and make groundbreaking discoveries about the surface of the red planet.

This game has the potential to be highly educational and entertaining, making it a game that parents wouldn’t mind their children playing for hours on end.

AI-generated art competitions

AI-generated art competitions

Mars4 is always trying to develop new ideas and improve things. This summer, players could take Cybertrucks to Mars and fly in jetpacks. An Alpha 1 playground was also made available to test online features.

All these things work together to create a lively, outward-looking new community, along with regular ask-me-anything sessions and AI-generated art competitions that cast a new light on Mars.

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