Bella Hadid gets dress spray-painted on at Coperni’s Paris Fashion Week closure

Bella Hadid gets dress spray-painted on at Coperni’s Paris Fashion Week closure. When one of the world’s top models ambles onto the catwalk near-naked, that is usually enough to shock.

But on Friday at Coperni’s Paris Fashion Week closure, Bella Hadid took it to another level when she was suddenly surrounded by four designers who spray-painted her dress on.

The stunning moment was welcomed with applause as the star-studded audience was left amazed by the incredible feat.

They strategically sprayed a thick white latex around her torso, creating an opaque layer as the model stood still, adjusting her arms.

Bella Hadid gets dress spray-painted, a mid-length

A solid dress formed that included a thigh-high slit and off-the-shoulder sleeves, that was elegantly draped before Hadid walked off the stage to close the fashion show.

Hadid first emerged in a pair of skimpy thong panties and white kitten heels. She held her right arm over her bare breasts before exposing herself while the designers went to work with white spray paint.

The 25-year-old displayed her figure with her hands held delicately above her head. As layers and layers of paint were sprayed slowly on her. Creating an entire garment.

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A Copernic designer then stepped in

The four artists’ work resulted in a figure-hugging gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline. Creating a slit on her thigh for movement and pulling down the straps of the dress for an effortlessly chic look.

Hadid then strutted around the room, showing off the cutting-edge fabric. Before closing the show out, and applauding Coperni co-founders Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant.

The jaw-dropping closing performance was a collaboration between Coperni and Fabricant, a company that specializes in spray-on fabric.

Hadid has been wowing all over the catwalk this month. Hitting the runway earlier in the day for Victoria Beckham and walking in the Isabel. Marant fashion show with sister Gigi Hadid on Thursday. She also appeared in London earlier this week for Burberry, and Milan and New York City before that.

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